Will You Walk the Woods so Wild?

Songs of Albion

co-presented by the Columbus Guitar Society
February 6, 2015 · Mees Hall · Capital University
8 PM Concert • 7:30 PM Pre-Concert Lecture
Artist Website | http://www.ayreheart.com

Ayreheart ~ Ddoi di Dai
Ronn McFarlane ∼ “probably the finest living exponent of his instrument”— The Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C.

Ayreheart performs historical music from the British Isles with two lutes, voice, colascione, and percussion. You’ll hear dances and songs of John Dowland, William Byrd, anonymous folk tunes, and Medieval carols from England, Scotland and Wales. The band centers around the versatile lute textures created by Ronn McFarlane, both as accompaniment and lead instrument. He conceived and founded the group in the wake of his 2009 Grammy nomination for the album Indigo Road, consisting of his contemporary works for lute.

Now filled out by bass (Will Morris) and percussion (Mattias Rucht), this staple rhythm section shows subtle surprises — fretless bass providing expressive foundation paired with percussion instruments from around the world and transport the listener with hypnotic drive. Their songs are given life by multi-instrumentalist Brian Kay whose vocal range can summon tears from ethereal ballads and evoke revolutions from power anthems.

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Ayreheart with lutenist Ronn McFarlane performing February 6
8 PM Concert • 7:30 PM Pre-Concert Lecture
Will You Walk the Woods So Wild? Songs of Albion