Mees Hall

Mees Hall, Capital University - Early Music in Columbus

Capital University
1 College Avenue
Bexley, OH 43209

Access this PDF walking map of Capital University, provided from their website, for the most help in locating Mees Hall on the campus. This may also provide the most help in locating landmarks and parking.

Appearing in this Venue

Parking Details
Mees Hall is located on the campus of Capital University in Bexley, Ohio. Mees Hall can be accessed from just south of the main gates of the university at the intersection of East Main Street and Drexel Avenue. The hall may also be accessed from Mound Street through Bexley Hall. Parking is available in campus parking lots on the east side of College Avenue, just south of Main Street; on the east side of College Avenue just south of Mound Street; and limited street parking on Main, Drexel and Pleasant Ridge.