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This page offers two subscription options.

2016-17 Early Music Season Subscription — Don’t miss a single event! Purchase a season subscription today and receive one ticket to each of our six scheduled concerts. Order conveniently and securely online, below.

  • $135 — Regular Subscription
  • $110 — Senior Subscription, patrons age 62 and over
  • $60 — Student Subscription

Build a Custom 2016-17 Early Music Subscription —Purchase six tickets in any combination within a given seating price — Regular, Senior or Student — and earn the subscription rate. This is a great way to tailor a customized concert experience to Early Music in Columbus and save with a packaged rate. Our online form below steps you through the process to purchase securely with credit card.

Purchase 2016-17 Early Music Season Subscription

One ticket to each of our 2016-17 performances including a Twelfth Night Celebration: Need Title with The Early Interval ticket for either of two performances, need dates

2016-17 EMC Season Subscription, Regular
2016-17 EMC Season Subscription, Senior
2016-17 EMC Season Subscription, Student

Build a Custom 2016-17 Early Music Subscription

This form allows you to create a customized subscription package of six tickets within a given seating type — Regular, Senior or Student — and purchase your package securely with your credit card. We’re sorry that seating types may not be combined in a custom subscription.

  • First select the number of these subscriptions you are creating and the seating type.
  • Build your custom subscription by selecting six tickets of your choice, then add to the shopping cart.
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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